Our skilled team of Consultant and Nurse Endoscopists provide high quality GI diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy from a variety of sites, as well as insourced solutions for hospital trusts and waiting list reduction programmes.

Our patients benefit from:

  • Waiting times of only 2-3 weeks
  • One stop service for most patients, with no need for an outpatient consultation
  • Rapid access to high quality diagnostic and minor therapeutic endoscopy
  • Seamless, integrated pathways
  • Detailed report supported by a conversation with the Endoscopist on the day of the test
  • Our dedicated team contact patients to provide detailed pre-appointment communication, determine appropriateness for service and discuss any required preparations in advance.

By working collaboratively with Primary Care and other Stakeholders we work to support prevention, early recognition and screening programmes to find innovative ways of reducing Secondary Care demand whilst delivering high quality care.

For further information on our range of Endoscopy solutions please email: EndoscopyEnquiries@communityoutpatients.co.uk

Information for Clinicians

The service includes:

  • Trans nasal endoscopy (including biopsy)
  • Oral upper endoscopy (including biopsy)
  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy (including biopsy and polypectomy)
  • Colonoscopy (including biopsy and polypectomy)

We carry out a risk assessment on patients prior to any procedure being performed and ensure the patient is properly informed, prior to the completion of consent forms. We ensure patients have an adequate understanding of the procedure before the appointment and that they understand the preparations they will need to make including medications, bowel preparation and fasting as appropriate.

We provide examination, diagnostic and minor treatment service encompassing:

  • Clinical assessment and triage to ensure that the referral meets local pathway requirements for access to diagnostic upper GI endoscopy service or other subsequent pathway guidelines
  • Referrals sent to the service that do not meet pathway criteria will be returned to the GP with an explanation. We maintain records of referrals and work with referring GP's and the CCG to seek to reduce inappropriate referrals.
  • Diagnosis and taking of tissue sample for analysis by approved histopathology providers
  • Where we recommend the retention of the patient on a surveillance programme we directly manage all of the administration associated with recalling the patient at the correct intervals
  • Biopsy results will be sent to the referring GP

A written diagnostic report and copy of the image and the biopsy result is be sent to the referring GP within a maximum of 5 working days. This clear and thorough report and management plan aims to enable GPs to continue with primary care management wherever possible.

Information for Patients

Once we have received your referral you will be contacted to confirm your appointment, our Diagnostic team will discuss preparations and be on hand to answer any queries about the required procedure. You will receive an appointment letter which will be accompanied by our patient information leaflet and details on how to contact the service.

If you require translation facilities or would like a chaperone to attend your appointment with you, please inform our team when you make your appointment.

You will be discharged home on the day of attendance. Our team will discuss with you both on booking the appointment and during the appointment plans for care on discharge.

Our facilities have a suitable recovery area available to allow adequate time, where necessary, to recover following any procedure.

For more information on the procedure and what to expect please follow the below links:

CQC Accredited

Patients seen in less than 4-6 weeks

85-90% of patients treated within the community

Over 150 community hubs across the UK

Over 150,000 initial appointments each year